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Almonard - industrial fans

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Exhaust Fan

Totally enclosed, continuously rated motor
Every Almonard Exhaust Fan features a capacitor start and run type motor, continuously rated, totally enclosed and ruggedly built.

Dynamically balanced impeller
The impeller used in an Almonard Exhaust Fan is of the propeller type. And since both hub and impeller are dynamically balanced, frames and arms mounted on rubber bushings, vibrations are virtually eliminated.

Selecting the right exhaust fan for your needs
Ventilation essentially means replacing stale, Hot air with fresh air and the size and number of exhaust fans required for a particular application is directly dependent upon location and the number of air changes required per hour. Thus, to determine correct size and number of fans, the following factors need consideration

  • Size of room
  • Number of occupants and their activities
  • Heat gain from solar radiation, machinery, etc
  • Relative humidity and outside temperature
Air Curtains

TEMPEST 450 mm (18") Pedestal AIR CIRCULATOR
Aircurtain is a environmental separation equipment which prevents outside air, insects or hot air entry to the conditioned area through the open door ways or the door being opened at frequent intervals. The principle of Aircurtain is that it blows the atmosphere air at constant velocity at the door ways and forms a air stream for the entire width and height of the door openings. The velocity will vary depending on the effective throw of the air stream. Moreover, you can reduce your energy consumption considerably by holding the uniform cold air temperature at the Air conditioned area. In total it is a energy conservation unit for the Airconditioned area. It also eliminates the flies and other small insects infiltration through an open door in order to maintain the required hygenic standard in the specific areas.

'ALMONARD'Aircurtains are Grouped into four models to suit different applications.

  • Aircurtains are Grouped into four models to suit different applications.
  • AEHV - Single Phase / Three phase: (Extra high velocity) Can be used in commercial and industrial purpose.
  • A I B - Three Phase : (Insect Barrier) to arrest flies and insects entry in to the protected room.
  • HITECH - Three Phase : For Cold Storage - Pharmaceutical and Confectionary Industries.

HITECH - Three Phase : For Cold Storage - Pharmaceutical and Confectionary Industries.

  • The casing (shell) of Aircurtain is of Robust construction.
  • The impeller is of Aluminium construction with forward curve blades to minimise the air cutting Noise. The impellers can be made out of SS & with special coating on specific request.
  • Easy mounting arrangement with a flat frame which can be fixed on the wall by suitable coach screws.
  • Adjustable louvers to streamline the air delivery.
  • "ALMONDARD" Aircurtains are coupled with sturdy motors for the continuous duty application.
  • "VIBRATION FREE" Operation.
  • Pre-lubricated both side sealed double ball bearing / Bush bearings to take any load and also for smooth running of Aircurtain.
  • Elegant look and with superior quality powder coated finish.